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Product #: BECV-D

FREE second Workbook plus 30 minutes with My CueTutor! Four instructors teach you Cued Speech in 10 lessons with a variety of activities! Demonstrations with children and a 78-page workbook with flashcards. 

Product #: GR2-CD

SALE - less than $10.  Great way to learn and practice cueing!  Live video clips of three different cuers demonstrate more than 150 simple words that are grouped by vowel or subject.

My CueTutor
Product #: BECQ

No traveling!  Personal instruction, guidance & support by webcam, e-mail, phone, and video.   Certified instructors!  Plus receive a video of your session.

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6/14/2015: CLASSES & CUE CAMPS 2015

See the list on our Calendar in the menu bar! Hurry & register for CAMP CHI-CUE-GO and CUE CAMP NEW ENGLAND in July and August!  Nothing is more satisfying than fun and learning together!