Cued Speech How To's...

Using Cued Speech effectively is as important as cueing accurately.  This section is dedicated to sharing the experiences, knowledge and wisdom of Cued Speech users — those for whom Cued Speech is the access to complete spoken language, their families, friends, teachers, speech-language pathologists and audiologists, transliterators, and linguists.

Many of these documents are based on presentations at a Share-Fair: How to Teach Cued Speech.  We hope this site continues as a virtual Share-Fair — please submit your suggestions and experiences to

Table of Contents

  1. Mothers Starting Cued Speech at Home
  2. Fathers Talk about Cued Speech
  3. Teaching Children Through Conversation
  4. Getting and Keeping Children's Attention
  5. Teaching Siblings
  6. A Young Deaf Perspective
  7. Winter Teaching Activities