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AG Bell Montessori School
Welcome to the Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School website! Whether you're looking for a preschool to jump start your child's education, or an alternative to traditional elementary school that provides a more individualized, holistic education, we invite you to come on in and explore all that Montessori has to offer children ages 15 months to 12 years.

Nazareth College Deafness Specialty
Nazareth College offers a full range of communication training for the future speech-language pathologist: listening, spoken language, Cued Speech, sign language. Significant financial assistance available for those accepted in the deafness specialty program. The full URL is

Cued Speech Initiative @ USF
The Cued Speech Initiative at the University of South Florida promotes Cued Speech as a communication option and literacy tool for deaf children and other children who have difficulties with phonemic awareness in the Tampa Bay area.

Cued Speech In Action

Summer Nights Fun Transliteration
This presentation by Cued Speech/Language transliterator Jenee Petri may be the ultimate! Definitely the most fun. Direct from Minnesota! Do a YouTube search for CUED SPEECH for many more delightful videos!

Cued Children's Story: Click Clack Moo
This is a delightful tale cued by Daniel Koo. This PBS-Kids site provides information to extend learning. Enjoyment for kids and adults!

Cued Speech in Spanish - Palabra Complementada
A lively lesson of basic Spanish words! A teacher and three young students in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Cued-Speech-Reading Short Videos
Use these short videos to practice cuereading at the sentence level. Turn on the optional captions for learning and checking your accuracy. Also use these Brain Kelly videos to model your cueing to be equally clear and precise!

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
A colorful fable cued by Daniel Koo. Just two minutes. but you will watch it again and again!

Video: Breaking the Code
Watch this 10-minute captioned video explaining Cued Speech! Includes children and adults in social and classroom settings.

Go Cued Speech Rap with Twista
The world's fastest rapper pairs with deaf cuers and a cueing transliterator for a lively production that will get you going!

Reading Rockets: Cued English and ASL
A 4-minute video clip featuring the Cued English/American Sign Language bilingual program in Minnesota. Click on "Signs of Literacy" within the program "A Chance to Read".

The Art of Cueing
A basic instruction course online for free with video clips. Workbooks can be purchased from the Cued Speech Initiative at USF (see separate link).

Jabberwocky -- The Poem. Cued. with captions
This video..."shows the Louis Carroll poem Jabberwocky being Cued. It also has subtitles for those who cannot cue read. Jabberwocky is a literary classic. but was meant by Carroll as a parody designed to show how not to write a poem. -- description written by Barb Ballard; poem cued by Esther Rimer

Captioned Media Program
Preview "An Adventure in Cued Speech" and "Discovering Cued Speech Instructional Video" through the Captioned Media Program. Other materials available for borrowing include other videos and CDs with cueing computer games. Provides free loan of materials for individuals who are deaf / hard of hearing. their families and professionals.

About Cued Speech

Cued Speech Facebook Group!
This is one of several Facebook pages with information and discussion about Cued Speech. Also, go to and search "Cued Speech"! Share your questions and knowledge!

Literacy Counts Readathon and more...
Cued Speech provides the phonemic base for literacy — reading and writing — for children and adults with or without a hearing loss.  Learn why and how.  Learn about and become involved in the National Cued Speech Association Read-a-thon and other literacy projects.  Meet the authors and sponsors of Literacy Counts; a recommended reading list by children's ages is also included.

Cued Speech Persian Facebook Page!
A delightful Facebook page from Iran in Persian and English, sharing information about numerous aspects of developing language with children who are deaf, hard of hearing or have other communication challenges.

R. Orin Cornett Memorial Cued Speech Collection
Paste this full URL in your browser: 

This Collection contains pdf manuscripts and documents on Cued Speech gathered from Dr. Cornett's personal papers. the Gallaudet Cued Speech Office and the National Cued Speech Association.

Bibliography of Cued Speech and R.O. Cornett

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We Cue Blog
A collaborative blog by deaf and hearing cuers. Read / join in with your comments!

How Auditory Neuropathy & Cued Speech Sent Us Home
A parent tells the story of how quickly she learned Cued Speech and why the family moved to Colorado for Cued Speech! Here is the complete URL to go directly to the article:

United States Associations

National Cued Speech Association
The National Cued Speech Association is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1982 to champion the effective use of Cued Speech for communication. language development and literacy. We raise awareness of Cued Speech and its applications. provide educational services. assist local affiliate chapters. establish standards for Cued Speech and certify Cued Speech instructors and transliterators.

AG Bell Montessori School & Alternatives EHI
Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School and Alternatives in Education for the Hearing Impaired (AEHI) is a collection of services for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, their families and professionals. The model inclusive school (children with and without hearing loss), outreach program and training workshops attract international participants.  An NCSA Affiliate Center.

Cued Speech of Colorado

An active group of cuers providing information, a calendar of Colorado cueing activities and more!

Cued Speech Association of Maine

Check out the pictures and information about Cue Camp New England, held every summer in Maine! This association is a long-time active NCSA affiliate.

Maryland Cued Speech Association

Information. pictures. and news about Cued Speech and the activities of the Maryland Cued Speech Association. An NCSA Affiliate Chapter.

Cued Speech Association of Minnesota
Your contact for Cued Speech activities in Minnesota! Find up-coming events and links!

New York Cued Speech Center

On-going classes and workshops for individuals. groups and schools in the greater New York City area. NCSA affiliate.

Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association
Information. pictures. and news about Cued Speech and the activities of the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association. An NCSA Affiliate Chapter.

Visual Language Consortium at MIT

Promotes awareness of Cued Speech and provides fun, informal lessons on Cued Speech at monthly "immersion evenings" around Boston.

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program
A national center of information for parents and professionals.
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International Associations & Languages

Cued Speech Association UK (United Kingdom)

The Cued Speech Association UK advances education in Cued Speech in the United Kingdom. This site includes information about Cued Speech. publications. videos. newsletters in pdf format. upcoming events and more.

LPC Belgique (Belgium)
Videos, photos, events, and more from cuers in Belgium!

L'Association de Langage Parlee Completee (A.L.P.C.)

Natonal Advocacy and educational association for Cued Speech in France serves families and professionals. It gives information about Cued Speech in French along with info on their Codali (school for young children) Cue Camps, social events, conferences and classes year-round.   Information for Codeurs (professionals who transliterate through cueing) and research.

Cued Speech Switzerland/ ALPC Suisse

This site includes other organizations; click on all links that include "LPC": "Langage Parleé Completé" for information. publications and numerous special events!

PFC Cued Speech (Portugal and Brazil

Do a search for Portuguese. Contains general Cued Speech information. examples. charts for Cued Portuguese and video samples.


Vinkkipuhe is the name for Cued Speech in Finnish and Swedish-Finnish.  Enjoy the delightful illustrated cuer at this new website! — Cued Speech in Poland

This site contains a chart of Cued Polish. and video clips. Click on "Fonogesty" — the Polish name for Cued Speech.

Persian Cued Speech, Iran

Exciting new (2011) bilingual website in Persian and English, introducing Cued Speech in Persian (Farsi).  Charts, explanations, links, discussions of  how to use Cued Speech, calendar of classes and seminars.

Beyond-the-Basics Practice

Gaining Cued Speech Proficiency
An online manual for parents. teachers and clinicians.

Daily Cues
Cueing community news. test-taking support. information. resources. classes and links

Cued Speech Research

Research: Center for the Study of Learning

Important research related to Cued Speech is in process. Check the many aspects of this site. and visit the on-line information packet about Cued Speech.

Favorite Other Sites

Office of Civil Rights, US Department of Education
The mission of the Office for Civil Rights is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence throughout the nation through vigorous enforcement of civil rights.  They serve student populatons facing discrimination and resolve complaints of discrimination.  This site leads you to information on laws, legislation, how to file a complaint and much more!